Protect your Bitcoin. Keep your keys safe.

Improve your Lightning node security by protecting your keys separately.

a diagram showing Lightning nodes and a node with an external signer

Why do we need VLS?

In a word: security

VLS separates your Lightning private keys and security rule validation from your Lightning node, into a discrete signing device. This improves LN security for users by reducing the attack surface.

As the Lightning network implementations of Taproot, Musig2 and FROST mature in the coming months, VLS will be a necessity in creating seamless multi-sig Lightning network channels.

Integrated with VLS





High security through small attack surface. Refined policy controls.

Flexible Deployment

Rust enables deployment on microcontroller, HSM, server, browser and mobile.


Control custody at the signer, instead of at the node. Separation of duties.


  • Separate duties.
  • Technical operations control the node while finance executives control funds and custody on the signer with policy controls.
  • Secure the signer on hardened servers or HSM.

App developer

  • The end-user is in full control of the funds by controlling the keys on a signer they control.
  • The app developer does not custody user funds.
  • The signer can run on mobile, consumer device, or web browser.

Getting Started

VLS is an open-source project, not a company. We rely on you, our loyal fans, to use our software, contribute to it, and spread the word. Join us in improving Lightning network security:

Connect with the team and ask us anything. We do mean anything.

Submit a feature request or take a look at our code.

Spin up VLS on a sample Core Lightning node.

Spin up VLS on a sample LDK node.

Take VLS for a spin with Greenlight.


We'd like to thank the below contributors for their contributions to the project. 🙏

We are also looking for more contributors! If you're interested in contributing, let us see your code. Submit a PR for a starter issue or, if you're feeling bold, a larger project.


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