VLS Roadmap

Developer Preview March 2023

Minimize chances of accidental fund loss.

  • Works with CLN socket mode and LDK
  • Encrypted cloud state backup
  • A complete set of layer-2 validation rules
  • Disaster recovery from signer and node failure
  • Optional validation rules (e.g. velocity, approval)
  • Basic policy audit (internal and independent third party)


  • Embedded (Rust no_std) signers not supported
  • Routing not supported
  • On-chain state tracking not supported
Beta Release (v0.9) June 2023

Designed to be secure against a malicious node.

  • A complete set of layer-1 validation rules (on-chain tracking)
  • Heartbeat and alerts
  • Allowlist


  • Embedded (Rust no_std) signers not supported
  • Routing not supported
Developer Preview:
Greenlight + VLS
June 2023

  • Full VLS signer integration with Greenlight
  • Developers building with the gl-client or additional layers like the Breez SDK can now easily access the VLS signer, without any need for modifications
Beta 2 (v0.10) August 2023

  • Focused on supporting low resource signers
  • Full support for a Rust no_std (microcontroller) mode
  • Signer can run on modest amounts of RAM and ROM
  • Tuning performance for embedded processors
Beta 3 (v0.11) February 2024

  • Tag team signing (multi-signer) support (not multi-sig)
  • Latency and memory usage fine tuning
  • Dockerized VLS + services (vlsd, cln/ldk, txood, lssd, bitcoind)
Beta 4 (v0.12) TBD

Beta 5 (v0.13) TBD

  • 0-conf channels support
  • VSS integration
  • Expose VLS monitoring data
  • More latency and memory usage fine tuning
Debut of VLS Enhanced Stakwork & Sphinx Chat TBD

VLS for Enterprise Use Cases TBD

  • Signer runs in hardened server
  • Signer can handle millions of channels and payments
Routing TBD

Features Soon™

To submit feature requests, click here.

  • Bolt 12 support
  • L402
  • VLS in mobile Secure Enclave (we need your help to convince Apple/Samsung 🙏)
Multi-sig Lightning Soon™

Pending maturity of Lightning network implementations of Taproot, Musig2 and FROST.

  • No single point of failure